We Must End the Endless Fearmongering

Cats are not safe. Nothing is.

Water, vaporizing nicotine, & even dogs have potential health risks and are not “FDA approved”.

House cats are like vaporizing nicotine.


Tigers are like smoking cigarettes.


Feral cats are like vaping black market THC.

Despite the real risks, house cats are relatively safe when compared to alcohol, driving cars, overeating, & lions in zoos.

However, we as a society have accepted those risks because the majority of us enjoy these activities. Vaporizing nicotine instead of smoking cigarettes has significant health benefits (scientifically proven to help people quit smoking, reduces brain disorders, improves cognitive abilities, and much more). However, it’s not 100% safe.

If that’s the requirement by our health official & their political leaders (who often have financial conflicts or interest), then we as a society need to accept our favorite things being sin-taxed, shamed, or even banned.

If you agree with banning all choices that aren’t 100% safe, we invite you to join our future initiatives:


    • Mothers Against Driving (MAD)
    • Dads Against Daiquiris (DAD)
    • Parents Against Dogging
    • Families Against Treats (FAT)

If you think this is completely stupid, we invite you to learn more about something similar to banning cats…


Banning the #1 way people quit cigarettes.


When you compare the dangers of Catting to vaporizing nicotine, it’s clear we need to take serious action. 


In times like these, we need to listen to experts who have dedicated their lives to preventing epidemics like this.


No cats are safe, but we have a plan to end this new epidemic forever.