While the Cat Industry claims that some types of cats are safer than others, science proves that cats are a serious risk to kids.


It’s time to make our leaders listen. We must protect our kids with these safeguards.


No cats are safe, but we have a plan to end this new epidemic forever.

"My parents had cats in the house all my life, so I started second-hand Catting when I was born. When I turned 12, my parents bought me my first cat. I was hooked for life.

Now I have 8 cats and can barely feed them all. I had to quit my job because I was always sick.

Catting ruined me."


"I started Catting as a kid. I was hooked for life.

Sadly, I couldn't quit Catting when I became pregnant. My son was born with a major birth defect from the cat parasites and I am devastated. I've tried to quit many times, but nothing seems to work. I even tried dogging.

Thanks for all you do to prevent another generation from experiencing what I went through."


"I knew how bad Catting was from my parents. My wife & I just found our daughter Catting after school with her friends. I was so ashamed. We ended up moving to another school district.

Nobody should be Catting. Keep up all the good work and let's get these dangerous cats banned for good."



Now that we've unveiled the true nature of the Cat Industry, new facts about the Catting epidemic are emerging daily. Join our community of concerned citizens on social media and stay up-to-date on the facts. The battle has just begun...