We’re on it.


While the Cat Industry claims that some types of cats are safer than others, science proves that cats are a serious risk to kids…causing more deaths than meth. 

Cute cats come in fluffy, colorful versions that are a gateway for kids into larger, more dangerous animals. While promoted as fun, cuddly, innocent pets, even small cats lead to horrible diseases like cat-scratch disease, plague, rabies, & even deadly toxoplasmosis. Cats have killed over a million humans.

Australia showed bold leadership with their program to kill two million cats. In New Zealand, they are proposing a complete cat ownership ban.

We must act to protect our children today.

Many states/cities have banned or heavily “sin taxed” nicotine vapor products to keep them off the market or discourage their use. It’s time to use the same playbook with cats.



When you compare the dangers of Catting to vaporizing nicotine, it’s clear we need to take serious action. 


It’s time to make our leaders listen. We must protect our kids with these safeguards.


No cats are safe, but we have a plan to end this new epidemic forever.